Creatures Of Comfort A/W 17

Creatures Of Comfort provided us with a sumptuous and satisfying collection. Golden dewy hues, glittery lurex thick knits and super stylish overalls, complete with matching shiny gold accessories. Layering continued throughout the collection, hinting towards the emergence of a different kind of work-wear, one where crushed velvet, wide-legged trousers are supported and even embraced.


There were some particularly transfixing looks, decidedly un-done with an unexpected merging of materials. A simple tight navy jersey top, with a creamy-silk blue jumpsuit paired on top, complete with cropped navy textured glitter cardigan, oversized blue plaid peacoat, unassuming wool beanie hat, navy socks and patent finished blue sandals. Looks like this give Creatures Of Comfort an edge, one that requires careful thought but not too much planning; a spontaneity of sorts.


Stand out pairings came in the form of silhouette-making tapered trousers with a smartly constructed half-apron tied around the waist; another subtle but role-shifting commentary on what is work and what is play.  This signature subtlety makes Creatures Of Comfort one of the few designers who preserve their tact, never offering up overt emotional responses or succumbing to political pointedness.


The collection as a whole felt like it was just where it needed to be in terms of moderate design details, carefully constructed materials, quality finishes and familiar colour-ways. This was in no way safe, as each look signalled the continuation of women making their mark on a city; a quiet commentary seeping through to shift whatever status quo came before.

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